Objective 1.1: Commercial or institutional uses adjacent to residential uses in the Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Planning Area should be complementary and compatible in scale. For example, the University of Texas should be encouraged to meet with the affected neighborhood associations when designing or expanding their facilities.

  • Action Item 1.  Encourage businesses to be good neighbors.  As problems arise, neighborhood associations will contact non-complying or substandard businesses and commercial properties to inform them of their infractions of City codes. These violations include keeping their property free of tall grass, trash, and observing light and noise ordinances.

Objective 1.2: The St. George’s Episcopal Church is a valued part of the neighborhood and should be preserved. The Wilshire Woods/Delwood I Neighborhood Association and the church will work with the Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Austin to ensure that the church will not be forced to move due to the planned expansion of IH-35.  If the St George’s tract ceases being used for religious assembly

  • The property zoned single family should maintain its current SF-3 zoning
  • The Neighborhood Office (NO) zoned property should be downzoned to SF-3.
  • Any new development on the property should reflect existing lot sizes, scale, similar building massing, architectural character, and building materials similar to the surrounding single-family homes
  • No additional public or private streets should be added
  • Action Item 2.  The neighborhood association will work with St. George’s Episcopal Church to preserve the open space on their property as a neighborhood amenity.

Objective 1.3: The residential neighborhoods in the Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Planning Area should retain and enhance their character.

  • Action Item 3.  The City of Austin should amend the Infill Ordinance to allow sub- districts within a Neighborhood Planning Area where each sub- district
    • Is contiguous and large enough to be considered a unique district
    • Reflects significant differences between lot sizes
    • Has similar architectural massing, styling, and scale
    • Is delineated by major roads or physical features such as creeks, rivers, or open space/parks.
  • Action Item 4.  The Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Planning Area should be divided into three sub-districts for the purposes on the infill options. (See Infill Options map)
    • The Blackland/Holy Cross-Rogers-Washington Sub-district boundaries are
      • Manor Road to the north
      • MLK Boulevard on the south
      • Walnut/Cedar Avenues on the east
      • Comal Street on the west
    • The Cherrywood Sub-district boundaries are generally those of the Cherrywood Neighborhood Association
      • Wilshire Boulevard from the IH-35 frontage road to the railroad tracks to the northern property lines of the duplexes along Kirkwood Avenue to the eastern property lines of the duplexes on the east side of Maplewood Avenue to Wilshire Boulevard to Airport Boulevard to include Patterson Park on the north
      • Manor Road on the south
      • Airport Boulevard on the East
      • IH-35 on the West
    • The Wilshire Woods/Delwood I/Delwood II Sub-district boundaries are
      • The southern boundary of The Robert Mueller Municipal Airport site on the north
      • Wilshire boulevard to the railroad tracks to the southern property lines of the houses on the south side of Bradwood Road to follow a line across Wrightwood Road to the southern and eastern property lines of the Lullwood Road cul-de-sac to Wilshire Boulevard on the south
      • Wilshire Boulevard to Airport Boulevard on the east
      • IH-35 north of Wilshire Boulevard on the west
    • The infill options would be applied as follows:
      • Blackland/Holy Cross-Rogers-Washington Sub-district
        • Small-lot amnesty Cherrywood Sub-district:
        • Secondary Unit/Garage Apartment
        • Small-lot Amnesty
      • Wilshire Woods/Delwood I/Delwood II Sub-district
        • Small Lot Amnesty
    • If the infill ordinance is not amended by the City Council to allow sub-districts, Small-lot Amnesty infill option will be applied planning area-wide.

Objective 1.4: The existing, single family character of the Blackland Neighborhood (south of Manor Road, east of Comal Street, north of MLK Boulevard, and west of Chestnut Avenue) should be preserved to the greatest extent possible.

  • Action Item 5.  The alley of the block bounded by Manor Road on the north, 22nd Street on the south, Chicon Street on the west, and Poquito Street on the east will be cleared of debris and garbage, and the old well should be sealed as a safety precaution.
  • Action Item 6.  The Blackland Neighborhood will establish residential parking along Leona Street and Salina Streets from Manor Road south to 21st Street and along 22nd Street from Leona Street to Chicon Street.