The Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Plan was adopted in August of 2002.  The original plan document is available here [PDF].

The Future Land Use Map (FLUM) is available here [PDF].

Amendments and implementation tracking are maintained by the City of Austin Planning & Zoning Department and are available here.

The Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Planning process began with a public meeting held on September 19, 2000. More than one hundred people attended the meeting— the largest group ever to attend a kick-off meeting.

The planning area was originally called Cherrywood. Members of the planning team thought that the name placed an unfair emphasis on the well-organized Cherrywood neighborhood association. The planning area is composed of a number of different neighborhoods: Rogers-Washington-Holy Cross, Blackland, Cherrywood, Wilshire Wood/Delwood I, and Delwood II. To reflect the diversity of the neighborhoods included in the planning area— ethnic and economic— the planning team looked for a name that would be more inclusive. The name that was finally picked, Upper Boggy Creek, represents the geographic element that includes all of the planning area’s neighborhoods.

Working with Neighborhood Planning staff, the planning team crafted the initial survey. It was hand-delivered to all residents and businesses in the planning area in the winter of 2000-2001. Surveys were also mailed to non-resident property owners. The results of this survey provided the planning team a starting point to begin the planning process in earnest.

After working to develop a vision and a set of goals, the planning team began to a process to develop the objectives and action items. Over the course of a year and a half years, the neighborhood planning team met twice a month— and sometimes more— to develop and refine the objectives and action items.

Members of the planning team conducted land use and photographic surveys of the planning area. Other members worked in subcommittees— land use, transportation, parks and the environment, and services— to collect information and write action items for these specific goals.

On September 15, 2001 the planning team held an open house at Maplewood Elementary School to allow the stakeholders in the planning area to comment on the planning team’s work to date. Over seventy people attended the open house.

In March/April of 2002 the final survey was mailed to residents, businesses, and non-resident property owners. Information gathered by the survey was used to refine the plan.

After more than forty regular official planning team meetings and numerous subcommittee meetings the team finalized the plan.