In the Spring of 2015, the Upper Boggy Creek (UBC) planning team was asked by City of Austin Neighborhood Plan Implementation staff to determine priorities from the remaining unimplemented Action Items in the 2002 UBC Plan. Instructions were to submit 5 CIP (City of Austin Capital Improvement Plan) items and 5 non-CIP action items. Over the summer, UBC Planning Team representatives worked with their respective neighborhood associations to determine their neighborhood association’s preferred priorities.  At its August 24, 2015 meeting, UBC representatives in attendance voted on the following list for submittal to City staff.  On October 25, 2015, the priorities were ranked in order of importance. Descriptions of priorities was primarily copied from the database City staff uses to track implementation of neighborhood plans.

Capital Improvements:

  1. Action Item 55: Improve the pedestrian cross-walk striping, widen sidewalks, create accessible routes and increase the pedestrian crossing times at the following the locations: Manor Road [at North IH-35], East 32nd Street [and IH-35], and the traffic signal near the railroad crossing connecting to Hancock Center.
  2. Action Item 63: Improve traffic circulation and provide a safer traffic crossing for vehicles turning left from Airport Boulevard (northbound & southbound) onto Parkwood and Crestwood Roads. This would improve the safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists entering or exiting Wilshire Wood/Delwood I and Delwood II via Airport Boulevard. Refer to plan for suggestions.
  3. Action Item 25c: Study the feasibility of installing new or improved traffic control signals or other effective measures to improve safety at MLK Boulevard and Cedar Avenue–a traffic signal with protected left turn light is suggested.
  4. Action Item 38a: Build new sidewalks along Lafayette Street from Manor Road to East 38th Street.
  5. Action Item 38g: Build a sidewalk on the east side of Cherrywood Road from Manor Road to Patterson Park.

Non-Capital Improvements:

  1. Action Item 37: No Parking signs should be placed along the north side of Manor Road from IH-35 to Chicon Street to create a safe bike route into the University of Texas Campus and to help promote Manor Road as an alternative transportation corridor.
  2. Action Item 30b: Locate pedestrian crossing signs and striping at 22nd Street and Chestnut Avenue.
  3. Action Item 30c: Locate pedestrian crossing signs and striping at 22nd Street and Maple Avenue.
  4. Action Item 30e: Locate pedestrian crossing signs and striping at 22nd Street and Chicon Street.
  5. Action Item 42: Construct a multi-use bicycle greenway along or near the railroad right-of-way running through the planning area.