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As amended January 2018

Section 1 – Name

  1. This organization shall be known as the Upper Boggy Creek Planning Team (UBCPT).

Section 2 – Statement of Purpose

  1. The purpose of the UBCPT shall be to review and make recommendations on all proposed amendments to the Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Plan.
  2. The UBCPT will track the ongoing implementation of the action items in the Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Plan.

Section 3 – Boundaries 

  1. The boundaries are roughly I-35 on the west, Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard (MLK) on the south from I-35 to Stafford Street; then north to Manor Road and eastward to Airport Boulevard; north of Airport Boulevard south of Mueller property near access to I- 35; to include neighborhoods south of the former Robert Mueller Municipal Airport. The area includes five neighborhood associations in three subdistricts. Subdistrict One contains the Wilshire Wood, Delwood I and Delwood II Neighborhoods; Subdistrict Two contains the Cherrywood Neighborhood; and Sudistrict Three contains the Rogers­ Washington/Holy Cross Neighborhood and the Blackland Neighborhood.

Section 4 – Membership

  1. UBCPT membership shall be open to anyone who lives or owns property or operates a business within the boundaries ofthe neighborhood planning area.
  2. Voting membership is composed of up to four representatives appointed by each of the six neighborhood associations within the UBC Neighborhood Planning Area. Each neighborhood may appoint up to one homeowner, one renter, one resident (homeowner or renter), and one business/institutional (commercial, religious, community organization or non-profit) representative as representatives[revised 1/2018].
  3. The UBCPT membership list shall be updated annually and a copy shall reach the City of Austin Neighborhood Planning and Zoning Department by September 1 of each year.
  4. No member shall purport to represent UBCPT unless authorized by UBCPT.
  5. Upon the date of adoption of the bylaws, all currently listed participants shall automatically be After the date of adoption, the membership criteria listed above shall apply.
  6. Upon request, each member shall receive a copy of the adopted bylaws of the UBCPT.

Section 5 – Participation 

  1. Neighborhood associations are responsible for designating their representatives.
  2. The secretary will make a notation in the minutes of each meeting of the names of absent individuals and contact their neighborhood associations to report the lack of representation.

Section 6 Meetings

  1. Unless otherwise specifically defined in these bylaws, all affairs of the UBCPT shall be governed generally by Robert ‘s Rules of Order, current edition.
  2. The UBCPT shall meet at least once per year to elect officers.
  3. Meetings shall be held on an as-needed basis when an application to amend the Upper Boggy Creek Neighborhood Plan has been submitted to the City  of Austin.
  4. Special meetings of the UBCPT may be called by a member of the executive committee.
  5. UBCPT meetings shall be open to the public. Visitors shall be invited to participate in the discussion of the matters at hand, but only qualified voting members of the UBCPT will be eligible to vote.
  6. The minimum number of UBCPT members necessary to establish a quorum at any regular meeting is five members from at least four of the six neighborhood associations [revised 2015].
  7. Approved minutes of meetings and sign-in sheets, as a record of attendance, must be kept for all meetings of the UBCPT and shall be forwarded to the Neighborhood Planning and Zoning Department upon request.

Section 7 – Meeting Notification

  1. Meetings will be publicized in the neighborhoods  using whatever reasonable means that are available, for example, but not limited to, newsletters , flyers, mailings, e-mail and telephone. Notices shall be distributed not less than seven days before the meeting date.
  2. Failure to receive  a meeting notice does not invalidate the meeting.  The provisions  of this  section, however, must be complied with in good faith.

Section 8 – Officers and Duties

  1. The officers of the UBCPT shall be: Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary
  2. Duties of the officers are as follows:
    1. The chair shall be responsible for the operation of the UBCPT and its officers pursuant to these bylaws. This shall include conducting meetings, representing the team at official functions, appointing subcommittees, and generally overseeing the business of the UBCPT.  The chair shall have the primary responsibility for leading the long-term and short-term planning efforts of the neighborhood and shall also have specific duties as spelled out elsewhere in these bylaws and as delegated by the UBCPT.
    2. The vice-chair shall assist the chair in preparing meeting agendas and conducting meetings and shall assume all duties of the chair when required.
    3. The secretary shall maintain all written records as directed by the chair, the executive committee or the UBCPT  membership.

Section 9 – Nomination, Election and Term of Officers

  1. The membership of the UBCPT shall nominate one or more eligible voting candidates from the UBCPT for each office for the coming year.  All candidates must be qualified voting members of the UBCPT.
  2. Officers will be elected by a majority vote of the UBCPT voting members.
  3. The terms shall be for two years.
  4. The secretary will notify the Neighborhood Planning and Zoning Department in writing of the names of the newly-elected officers, their contact information, and the date they are due to take office.

Section 10 – Removal and Vacancies of Officers

  1. Any elected officer may be removed from office for good cause. Removal shall be debated by the UBCPT and shall require a 3/4 vote of the quorum, providing that a resolution proposing the consideration of the removal has been adopted at a preceding meeting and that notice of the vote for removal has been included in the call to the meeting at which the vote is to be taken.
  2. Should vacancies occur outside the normal election process, candidates for the unfilled term shall be nominated from the floor and elected at the next scheduled meeting following the vacancy. The person elected to the vacated  office will serve for the remainder of the term.

Section 11 – Executive Committee

  1. The executive committee shall be composed of the officers and the chair of any standing committee of the UBCPT.
  2. The executive committee shall be responsible for the management of the affairs of the UBCPT.  The duties shall include updating the annual membership list, holding UBCPT meetings, conducting elections as called for in the bylaws, and representing the UBCPT in communications with the City of Austin. It shall also act for the UBCPT in matters specifically delegated to Itmay act for the UBCPT between regular meetings on any matter determined urgent. Any such action shall be reported at the next regular meeting of the UBCPT and none of its actions shall conflict with actions taken or polices formulated by the UBCPT.

Section 12 – Committees 

  1. The UBCPT chair, with the approval of the executive committee, may appoint standing committees to help conduct the business of the UBCPT. The chair of a standing committee will serve as a non-voting member of the executive committee.
  2. The chair and/or executive committee may appoint special committees or subcommittees to help conduct specialized business of the UBCPT.
  3. Committees shall report to the UBCPT and these reports shall be entered into the minutes.

Section 13 – Amendments

  1. These bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of a quorum at a regular UBCPT meeting, providing that a resolution proposing  the amendment has been adopted  at a preceding regular meeting and that notice of the proposed amendment has been given  in the call for the meeting at which the amendment  shall be voted upon.

Section 14 –  Effective Date

  1. These bylaws of the Upper Boggy Creek Planning Team shall become effective on August 24, 2015.